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From the New York Sun, Tuesday Morning, June 23, 1835.
More Rioting. – The rioting between the native citizens and foreigners was again renewed last evening, about 9 o’clock, in Cross and Pearl streets – Clubs, stones and brick bats flew in all directions for nearly an hour, when the captain of the watch arrived with a body of men, and put both parties to flight.  Several of the Irishmen were severely injured; and one American, we learn had his arm broken.  The rallying words on one side were, “down with the natives,” and on the other, “down with the croppies.” – The crowd
dispersed about 10 o’clock, avowing their determination to reassemble this evening.
From the New York Sun, Tuesday, March 4, 1834.
ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND, AND WALES. – Residents in the United States, feeling desirous of sending for their friends and families from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, are respectfully informed that they can secure their passage at 246 Pearl street, on the lowest terms, on very superior American ships, departing from Liverpool weekly.  Their acknowledged regularly in point of sailing , with the frequency  of their departure, presents opportunities for them to embark at their own time and convenience, and is a sufficient guarantee to prevent those unpleasant delays hitherto so frequently occurring. Very convenient and comfortably fitted up, agreeably to the company’s general arrangement, renders this conveyance for steerage passengers as yet unequalled – uniting the nautical skill and first rate talent of their commanders, allows services to the emigrant a safe passage across the Atlantic.
In point of kindness, the most extended will be observed. As regards comfort and attention, every disposition is always manifested to combine what can be reasonably looked or wished for.  It may be well to observe, that the cheapness of traveling from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, renders the conveyance a very moderate one.  The company, at their own expenses, pay the passages of such persons as may embark from Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Waterford, Londonderry, Sigos, Newry, Dundalk, and Warren’s Point, by way of Liverpool, in the steamboats – being by far the most expeditious and least expensive than if sailing from their respective ports.  The Company feels pleasure in making known, that from arrangements, Lieut. Lowe, R. N., has been appointed by the British government to examine their ships in every way, and also to see that provisions and water are on board sufficient for the voyage.  Drafts will be given on Robinson, Brothers, Liverpool, payable at sight, for any amount, to assist them in making ready for the voyage, or for any other purpose – payable also in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  Passage money in all cases is always returned to the parties from whom it was received, should their friends not embark for this country.  All applications to be made at 246 Pearl street, New York, to DOUGLASS, ROBINSON & CO., or in Liverpool, at 14 Goree Plazza, to Robinson, Brothers.
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From the New York Sun, Wednesday Morning, June 24, 1835.
Cannibalism – Too much Lip. – We understand a scuffle took place in our streets on Saturday last between Messrs. George Shirts and Silas B. Woolcutt in which the latter gentleman came out minus one lip.  In consequence of this calamity we fear he will not be able to give quite as much lip in our streets hereafter as has been his custom.  And although Mr. Shirts may have acquired a superabundance of lip by the operation, he certainly cannot be justified in adopting this method of shirting an opponent, or abating a misstep, and may possibly find himself minus his liberty of operating beyond the walls of a certain ugly tenement, belong to the people, where something more than lip service will be required of him.                                                                             [Ithaca Chronicle.
[Reported to the Sun]
Special Sessions – Yesterday
Before the Recorder and Ald.
Linbagh and Lamb.
John Smith, a boy age 13, was charged with stealing three shillings in change from the money drawer of James Knight, corner of  Rutgers and Division streets.  Pleaded guilty – sentence suspended.
William Shilleto, was tried for stealing 7 Britannia spoons and a silk handkerchief of Ramsay Crook, in Beekman street, which were found in his trunk.  Guilty – penitentiary 3 months.
Charles Anson, a boy of 18 pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing a watch worth $23, from Tobias O’Conner.  Judgment suspended, on condition of going to sea.
John Anderson was tried for stealing a pair of boots worth $2, from John Slaven.  Guilty – penitentiary 6 months.
Thomas Fitzpatrick was tried for stealing 3 pair brass candlesticks from Edward Witherell.  Guilty  - penitentiary 6 months.
Henry Deming was tried for an assault and battery on John Twining, knocking him down, and causing him to strike his head upon the fluke of an anchor.  Guilty – judgment suspended.
Mary Foster, was tried for stealing 4 diaper towels of Louisa B. Dartois.  She said another took them and gave them to her to bold.  Guilty – judgment suspended at the instance of complaint.
John Gibbons, was tried for assault and battery on Peter M. Helms, a watchman. Guilty – judgment suspended.
Mary Higgins, was tried for stealing a table cover worth $2, of Henry Palmer. Guilty – judgment suspended at the instance of the complaint.
James McGroty, for assault and battery on Ann Baller.  Guilty – penitentiary 6 months.
John Mahar, assault and battery on his wife Catherine.  Guilty- judgment suspended, at the instance of his wife.
Michael Rourke was tried for stealing shirts vests, and silk handkerchief of Mary Jones.  Guilty – penitentiary 6 months.
John Sherrick, was tried for stealing a blue cloth vest from Edward Boller.   Guilty – judgment suspended.
Stephen Boyce, assault and battery on Catherine Springstein, with intent &c.  Guilty – sentence suspended till Friday next.
Edmund Freeman, black, was tried for stealing 4 pillow cases, 4 shirts, 2 silk handkerchiefs, 3 sheets, 6 pair of hose, 2 vests, and a gold breast pin, worth together $1725, from the brig. Emitine.  Not guilty.
William Boyle, assault and battery on Stephen Harris; Caesar Fields, same on Sarah his wife; Samuel Scroggins, assault and battery on Harden Branch; Elizabeth Woods and Edward Warner, stealing the watch of Dempsey Holland; and Marv Conner, stealing a piece of calico of Oliver B. Goldsmith; were discharged by proclamation, no witness appearing to testify against them.
James Norton, found guilty of taking the coat of William Woodhouse, feloniously.  Fined 6 cents and discharged.
William Stewart, assault and battery on Eliza Mulligan.  Guilty – penitentiary 6 months.
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